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China Tour 8th Sep 2018

Welcome to China!! The largest of all Asian countries with the largest population of any country in the world.

Our customer's started their journey from London on 08th Sep 2018 to experience the land of China, it's vibrant culture, economy and many more.

A glimpse of what our customer's have enjoyed on this tour......

Considered as a divine place, it was certainly forbidden to ordinary people and that is why it is named as The Forbidden City.

Jade Buddha Temple is one of the Shanghai must-see attractions,

As the symbol of the old-line Xi'an, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is a well-preserved ancient building and a holy place for Buddhists.

China always has something new to tell, come join us on our next tour to China and experience it all...

Call now on 0207-290-0601 and confirm your seat on our upcoming tours.

Stay tuned for more!!!

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