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Best of Indochina Tour 15th Mar 2019

Our customer's started their journey from London on 15th Mar 2019 to discover the Indochinese experience of the French & the Americans, have a glimpse at few of their experiences on our tour.

Cu Chi Tunnels were the means of communication between villages and they also helped the Vietnamese evade French soldiers scouting the area.

Interesting, isn't it!? Come along to discover more about it on our next tour.

Angkor Wat - one of the largest religious monuments ever constructed. Its name means "temple city."

Definitely, A picture stop!!

Royal Palace - Gleaming in gold, the Royal Palace is one of Phnom Penh's most splendid architectural achievements.

Come let's discover the royalty together...

The Kuang Si waterfalls (also spelled Kuang Xi or Tat Kuang Si) in Northern Laos falls firmly into the latter. In fact, this large cascade of pale turquoise blue water that tumbles from the thick jungle above into perfectly sculpted limestone tiered pools below might just be the ultimate highlight of any trip to Laos.

Did you know you can even Swim in these jungle-fringed waterfall pools..

To experience this all and more, call now on 0207-290-0601 and confirm your seat on our upcoming tours.

Stay tuned for more!!!

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